General Feedback

This is a collection of feedback that was posted on forums or blog comments, or sent via email.

Sleazy makes two approaches a night and somehow ends up making out with four girls. He gets handjobs from girls on the dance floor like I get them from girls in my bedroom. He fingers girls JUST BECAUSE HE CAN.

You’re an inspiration to the horny good men in this world, Sleazy. Be at peace that not only are you giving women heavenly pleasure, you’re also inspiring and showing young men around the world what’s possible.

I was telling one of my friends to read your reports — and the guy was fucking girls in bathrooms and fingering them in sporting events within weeks!

Arguing about girls with Sleazy is like arguing about guitars with Clapton. Not a wise thing to do.

Without your influence a lot of guys (including me) would still stand around doing “cocky-funny” shit until the sun comes out.

I got laid using your advice. Again, I have to thank you. 🙂

I can now without a doubt tell you Sleazy you have been a very inspirational read for me throughout all your posts/views. You seem to never lean to the side that you can’t do something in the field, you don’t worry too much about the consequences & man do you go far out there sometimes in a good way, lol…you just do it and sometimes it works wonders, sometimes it doesn’t but you seem to improve from it. And that’s what I like about your style. You got that Rockstar mentality.

What about escalating? Normally the problem with escalating is that people don’t do it enough or soon enough. But you obviously can’t walk up to a girl and say hi, then kiss her, grab her tit and shove your cock in her hand unless you’re Sleazy.

You are one of the very few who have figured out how to be a leader.

Thanks for opening my eyes!
—Johnny L

Reading your posts has taught me how to “allow” women to be into me… meaning, to recognize when I have really high value in their eyes and just to kinda hang back and let them work themselves up over me on their own.

You are a living fantasy for women.

I been looking at the improvements in your game with awe, and, I must be honest, a little envy – which is an emotion I rarely ever feel. (…) I think you’ve got maybe the best game on [mASF], and the attitude to go with it that I’d like to have or think I have when i go out.

Listen to everything Sleazy says. He’s awesome and gives great advice (if you don’t believe me, read some of his previous posts).

IMO, you’re so used to speed lays etc that you’ve lost touch with how bad the average joe actually is.
—Just George

Sleazy has repeatedly taught me many many lessons. To name a few: developing makeout intuition, pushing myself to escalate aggressively, physical push-pulls, caress and comfort, and perhaps most importantly how to be the tacky bar makeout guy and still get laid.

I’m a huge fan of yours. When I finally get up off my ass and going to clubs your archive is the first resource I’ll turn to. You’re like BradP on steroids.

You have reminded me of those elusive little things that makes one good — desire, not being ashamed to take what you want, or getting caught doing it. My game hasn’t been progressing as quickly as it should because of this — until now. It’s animalistic and I thank you for that.

I found your blog yesterday and read a lot. I really enjoy every page. Brilliant. There is no comparison to the whole bunch of bullshitters on the well known forums.

I just wanted you too know that your posts are really helping me a lot, and that you really changed my view on pick-up!

Sleazy, I applaud your game, and: you and I learned in similar ways.

From a learning perspective for a direct, German-esque eficency style game, there’s no one better to learn from than Sleazy’s posts in my opinion, from my personal experience.

I just wanted to say I enjoy your posts quite a bit. I get very frustrated reading the stream of consciousness, poor punctuation, poor grammar posts that seem to fill up and yours are a very enjoyable alternative. (…) One thing that drew me to your posts is your perspective on routines. I think your perspective of A Confident Man Does What A Confident Man Wants is in line with what I would like to be.

I have no desire to get laid. I feel it while posting on mASF; maybe it’s just the spirit of this forum. But really I don’t. I just don’t care. It’s so hard to describe this. Is this happiness? I feel more similar to Cosy and Sleazy every day. They are my spiritual gurus! You can’t escape spirituality. And they’re just guys who showed me a way of thinking.

I think you have the sickest game I’ve ever heard of and I believe it would be a life changing experience for me if I could get to meet you and learn from you.

The difference between Sleazy, TVA and other enlightened crowd and the old community types is that old community guys were in it because of fear. Fear was their primary motivator. They did it all because of low self esteem, need for validation, fear of “being beta” etc. These days there are more guys who do it from a standpoint of pleasure, because they genuinely enjoy having sex and relationships with women, not because they need to prove something.

Your reports have inspired me to do things I didn’t think were possible before! 🙂

This old community stuff about learning routines and what not will just leave you frustrated and with little results. I thought Sleazy was arrogant when he said that the top level PU can’t be taught, but it makes sense to me now. You can become a good seducer only by getting insight from your own field experience. It comes from the inside, so to speak, not from routines or patterns that someone else wrote.

When I first heard about game, from the well known ebook Double your Dating by David DeAngeloD, and applied it, my success was very mild. I don’t know how I landed on Sleazy’s posts on mASF but from that point, I progressed tremendously: from multiple kissing & sexual contacts in nightclubs, to blow jobs in taxis and regular one night stands.

Sleazy has influenced me positively more than anyone else in spite of quite a different style and preference of venues.

Sleazy is a legend. I didn’t read much of his report on mASF, but I bought his Sleazy Stories. It helped my game a great deal. Now I have more confidence than ever!

I used to be in RSD, I was an idiot hah. It gave me way more problems than I needed and it actually hurt my “game”. Cause I get complimented on my good looks all the time and Tyler from RSD is like “looks don’t matter” so im like FUCK. Nowadays I check out your blog sleezy, it’s been real helpful. I hope to pull fast azz like u one day LOL Keep it comin Sleazy 😉

I’ve read “A week with Sleazy” by Illuminatus. Then I stumbled upon your blog. Spent quite some time reading it. And I have to say this: Thank you for all the useful, applicable information. I’ve yet to come across someone so smart & sensible in relationship & sex matters, willing to share (some of) his wisdom with the world. And for free. One seriously remarkable personality, you 🙂 Wow.

Yo, Aaron, like your style man, I got Minimal Game and read through it today and I got to say it’s down to earth, plain and simple. Also read Sleazy Stories, that stuff was very interesting, funny, and a great structure of your direct game. And I felt you really pointed out the flaws of the PUA industry. All top notch stuff man. You got a lot of good stuff. Have a good one man.

I tested Sleazy’s approach (screening for receptive girl) and ended up in a luxury suite with a gorgeous Ukraine girl. I made only four approaches that night.

Sleazy does the impossible — consistently. You’d actually have to see it with your own eyes to believe it. Some have seen it, and still not believed it. Truly inspirational!