Minimal Game

Minimal Game: The No-Nonsense Guide to Getting Girls is the manual on seduction you have been waiting for! Instead of boring you with absurd theories or confusing you with contradicting advice, this book instead provides you with a solid foundation, no matter whether your goal is to become the next Don Juan or just to learn how to meet a few more women.

Minimal Game is primarily written with the average guy in mind who just wants to get laid more often, and without having to rely too much on luck. This is a fairly modest goal, but it is a realistic one that is within reach for pretty much any man.

Due to his vast experience with women, and by carefully analyzing the progress of his clients, Aaron Sleazy has identified what really counts when it comes to getting girls. Therefore, this book contains zero fluff and instead contains 100 % concrete and actionable advice.

If you don’t get laid, then work through Minimal Game. However, if you already get laid regularly, then still take the advice of this manual into account, because it will teach you how to be more successful in much less time. You will not only meet a greater number of women, but women you have more in common with. As a consequence, your relationships with women, even if they only last one night, will be more fulfilling.

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Feedback from Readers

What’s the gist of the book? Getting women minus all of the bullcrap that you’ve been fed by your seduction gurus. Not that nothing else works on women, but a lot of what is preached by various other gurus, is completely unnecessary.

What do I think about Minimal Game? I think that if I would have wrote another book, then that probably would have been it. I vouch for just about everything in it, and it even goes into further detail about some of the things that I have been preaching lately. In other words, if you like my stuff, then you’ll like Minimal Game.

Who isn’t this book for? It’s not for guys who are caught up in the PUA fantasy of waving magic wands and spending hours memorizing banter that is a waste of time. And that’s what I like about it. It’s to the point, and tells you the truth that gurus have been hiding in order to keep their students in the dark. In other words, it is the most honest book that I’ve read about picking-up women.

Just got the book today and skimmed over it. And from what i have seen so far it gives very straight forward and practical advice when it comes to getting the ladies. No gimmicks, no fluff. Guaranteed a lot of “K.I.S.S”ing, Keeping it simple, stupid. Great job!

I read your book twice through. Of all the pickup books I’ve read, Minimal Game is the best. Honestly I don’t think there was anything I disagreed with. The book stresses a couple fundamentals that almost all other pickup books miss or barely mention. The sections on environment and style are so important! In the last couple months I’ve been experiencing how much more success you have when you choose the right setting, have awesome style, and dress appropriately for that setting.

So many guys trying to pickup girls are focused on using game. These guys don’t have much success, and assume it was the line they used, the angle they approached from, or they weren’t sexual enough etc. When it was the fact their teeth are a little to yellow, they dressed like a slob, or they have nothing in common with the general crowd. You probabaly shouldn’t even try to learn game without having your fundamentals down.

I also liked the section where you spoke about having proper expectations for pickup. You tell it how it is, unlike PUA’s who claim to get nearly every girl they approach, or go 5 for 5. Those lies used to bother me because I compared my success to the lies of certain PUA gurus. I felt like I must be doing somethings very wrong, when I actually wasn’t doing to bad. I love how the book is so straight forward. Just about any guy who applied what they read in your book would have a lot more success with women!

Aaron says that this book is about the foundations of seduction, but the foundations you get with Minimal Game are so strong that you’ll get something from this book even if you were the reincarnation of Don Juan. Some topics are actually very advanced, so I’d say that this book really takes you all the way from virgin to (possibly, if you so desire) womanizer. Minimal Game gives you an entirely new outlook on dating. While you might have found it boring and repetitive before (maybe with Mystery Method – heck, Mystery himself said that he finds the “opening” phase boring), it will then become exciting and liberating. I’m not the kind of guy that likes to kiss and tell, but I can tell you that this book has changed my life already.

As most everybody in the scene knows, Aaron Sleazy is the real deal. He’s also one of the few people who have invested the tremendous amount of time and energy it takes to master game at an extremely high level. If you don’t have the time or the desire to exert the same humongous effort, this book is the perfect guide to the art of seduction: A “Pareto’s Principle of Pickup”, or how to get 80% of the results with 20% of the work.

Sleazy tells it how it is — he cleans up with community myths such as “looks don’t matter” and “anybody can have any girl”, but he also tells you what you can do to maximize your looks as well as your chances to get the type of girl you’re most attracted to. Chapter by chapter, he treats every fundamental aspect of pickup with the same approach:

(1) What are the causes of success as observed in the real world (as opposed to internet message boards)
(2) What is the simplest formula these causes can be boiled down to, and
(3) What is the most straightforward way to apply that formula.

Sleazy doesn’t promise that it won’t take any effort — but if you implement this book page by page, it would actually be an accomplishment in its own right not to get any results.

You can literally use this book as a reference manual, no matter how good you are. If you completely suck with the ladies, then read everything he has to say about the fundamentals, if you get interest, but don’t get laid, well, then he’s got plenty of great advice on that too, but also if you are looking for relationships, ONS, or “friends with benefits”: this book tells you everything you need to know about it. Read it, follow the advice, and get on with your life! It’s a fabulous book, it’s completely honest, and it will help you. It sure helped me.

The only alpha way to interact with women — straightforward and direct, none of this pussy-whipped timid indirect bullshit, which just encourages you to fear women!

I had no idea what to expect. Found a link to the book on a blog I read, bought it on a whim, then checked out the writer’s website. He’s a talented writer. He approached this subject in a refreshing, and importantly, useful way. Rather than beat around the bush, he went straight for what works. The book is the right size to learn quickly from and then go practice. Many good learnings. Enjoyed reading it!

Received the book on Monday, have read it twice by now. Still digesting the content. 🙂 I post this message for those in doubt whether to buy or not.
It’s impossible to regret time & money spent on Minimal Game. The content is challenging (at least for me it is), by which I mean it forces me to rethink and reconsider. Everything is very well outlined and structured by Mr Sleazy. Depending on your temprament, you may find Minimal Game inviting you to read between the lines quite often. Exactly there did I most benefit.
It will absolutely help me one hell of a lot in my sexlife. There’s little doubt it will do just as well for you, whatever holds you back from achieving your full potential now. Price is 10€, it’s worth at least 200. One read-through takes at most two hours of your time. It will save you hundreds. Minimal Game is A+++ recommended.

One word book-review: AMAZING! It’s like a good short story — there isn’t anything unimportant that distracts you from the original storyline.

I liked the book. It gave me some sense of normality, which I think a lot of people need, when doing something unusual. Written in calm and honest way that manual makes you believe it’s absolutely normal to invite girls home on first date and have sex with them, and makes you believe everybody does the same. You just didn’t know that. That it’s normal. That women want sex a lot, and that’s why in a lot of cases you don’t even need to use game so much. That some girls are desperate and lonely. And if they aren’t into it, probably they are not that interested in sexing you.

I think the mindset gained from that book could help a lot of guys, who feel like aliens trying to implement advice on moving things forward, which nobody else does (especially that quickly) and whose minds are fucked by a war of community advice and social conditioning. It gives you some sense of security and makes you forget stories of your friends who were dating girls for 6 months without sex. You’ll start suspecting they just lied to you and that they probably pulled her into bathroom 10 minutes after meeting her. The thought I liked the best was that “healthy women want a guy who is not afraid of being sexual. And why deal with unhealthy women.”

Seduction can be basically summed up in four words: Approach. Escalate. Isolate. Close. It’s a numbers game. If you’re an obese, socially awkward 40-year old, you’d probably need to approach a far higher number of women to find one that “hooks” compared to a 20 year old male model.

Minimal Game, as the author writes, is meant for guys who want to get laid with different women somewhat regularly. About half of the book concentrates on the things outside of seduction you should fix which should up your success rate. About 1/3 is on the actual process of seduction and the final bit is on what happens after a successful seduction and how to segue into a relationship if you are so inclined.

At less than $10, this is a steal compared to the plethora of pick-up “guru” ebooks out there. AFAIK, the price of PoD means that Aaron basically doesn’t make much money off of this — he’s not going to come up with an endless stream of products to empty your wallets, this is purely to help other men.
—Johnny Bravo

I received the book today and I read it tonight. Minimal and no-nonsense are indeed the perfect words to describe it. Minimal Game is a bit like the first Mode One book but even more succinct. This is down and dirty, practical advice, no ramblings about high value or the difference between direct or indirect or multi-threading if you run out of things to say. It’s almost as if he took all the questions which have been asked on this forum since I joined and answered them in some way, even if it is just a smidgeon of information at the end of a chapter. Every single one of them. He also manages to tread the minefield of Inner Game and make it real and very simple (he doesn’t call it Inner Game btw).

This is the kind of book I will read chapters from every now and then to get into the right mindset. But if you want a lot of information and like to think getting good is a painstakingly long process fraught with failures and flakes, you will not like this book.

This lean book of a little over 100 pages is quite simply awesome. It provides a straighforward structure for attracting woman that is entirely realistic. Aaron Sleazy doesn’t claim anything ridiculous such as “any man can pull any woman” in fact he states quite blatantly that no man, not even Brad Pitt can pull any woman. In short, he does not try to sell you any bs, rather he provides the elements to form a strong foundation for attracting “the fairer sex.”

You are a godsend! I’ll always promote to all people interested in pickup your book Minimal Game as being mandatory. Why? Because you gut out all of the marketing bullshit that tries to install feelings of insufficiency and doubt unless they but their product. Like this guy at […] that puts in is advertisements lines like: “The one mistake even the most experienced pickup artists in the world make”. This is like a doctor breaking someone’s leg in order to get them to pay him to fix them. Certain unenlightened Christians do this by telling people that they’re “fucked and going to hell if they don’t go to their church.” This is unethical and that’s why people like you are needed to unhypnotize people and bring them back to their senses. Your book has me saying “AMEN!” througout, because it’s things that I sensed were right and natural but society/advertisments hypnotized me to deny. ALL people trying to get into pick up should read your book so they’re armed against being fucked up by the unethincal things going on in the PUA community! Thank you!

Aaron reminds us that the fact that you’re here shows that you don’t have to read an overpriced book or attend a rip off `bootcamp’ and learn this complex pick up system in order to successfully interact with women. The fact that you’re alive shows that you are already and expert communicator to more than sufficiently positively interact with the opposite sex (since survival as an infant required that you communicate with your caregivers and without it you wouldn’t have survived). So Minimal Game is there to remind you of these truths so that you can get out of your head and back into life…back into The Game and just HAVE FUN!

He did this without streatching out the truth in multiple expensive volumes, videos and seminars but within one easy to read book less than 100 pages long! The relief and empowerment that you feel after reading Minmal Game will be more than a thousand times worth the very low ‘minimal’ price of the book because you’ll avoid having to spend thousands of dollars on products and trainings that will be much less efficient at telling you what Aaron does in 80 some pages. So if anything that I wrote sounded familiar to you then do yourself a favor and read this book (you don’t have to but it’s pretty darn good!)!

Minimal Game doesn’t contain any secrets. Its aim seems to be to give you the right attitudes, and those attitudes are rather unremarkable. Here’s a taste: Finding a single girl willing to have sex with you requires trying about 10 girls. Best case. Getting rejected doesn’t really say anything bad about you per se, it’s simply part of the process of getting laid. These are the sort of should-be-obvious facts MG doles out. The thing is, these facts weren’t obvious to me, and presumably they won’t be to you either since you are browsing reviews for a dating book.

This book doesn’t aim to get you “any girl you want” or get that special girl who’s out of your league. This book aims to set your attitudes and basic convictions on dating straight, and I’ll say that it succeeds in doing so. My sex life is getting better pretty fast and it’s probably due to this book, although my sample time is pretty short.

Like most dating material it’s easy to suspect it’s a fraud. I believed Sleazy because the book made plausible claims and didn’t include fifty obviously unnecessary DVD’s. In the end what decided the matter was that I didn’t stand to loose much; where I come from this book’s cheaper than a cover charge.

I’m a big believer in TAKING ACTION and not filling your head with endless amounts of theory (aka bullshit) which prevents you from getting laid/taking action. At the same time, I think Sleazy’s book is very good because its short, to the point and written for the ‘average guy’ , who “wants to learn how to get laid somewhat regularly, and not necessarily for those who feel destined to become modern Casanovas.” If you fall in that category or if you have a lot of LEGITIMATE real-time experience but not much results you should check this book out. Unlike 90% of the PU books out there– this one definitely CANNOT HURT! haha, it’s good. keep it simple!!

I am sure you are already getting a lot of love, just thought I would let you know your book Minimal Game was great. Although I had many of the basics down it really helped me with target selection and cutting down time with girls in the “grey zone” for ones which were instantly receptive. Good book, much thanks.

I have finished reading Minimal Game more than a couple of times, so here is my short ‘minimal’ review! ‘Minimal Game’ gives a few blunt pointers to guys who have the intention to get laid once in a while and have satisfying relationships with women with minimum effort. Having said that, Sleazy’s writing is deeply grounded in reality, hence it should come as a surprise to lot of guys that even 5 new girls in a year is a very good result. However if you are a guy having 0 girls at the moment, you will still have lofty aims of banging 40 new women a year. Guys with sufficient field experience should however will know 5 girls a year in itself is enough to keep you busy, when you have a full time job, few friends, and an engaging hobby.

The highlight of the book is its strong focus on fundamentals. Fixing your looks, choosing a proper environment and just being a normal guy who can spot receptive women is something that guys overlook when they get lost in the sea of techniques, routines that for the most part leave them with no results for years. Sleazy’s writing style is simple, and he addresses the process from basics to simple steps of initiating interaction to progressing to relationships in this small but precise guide in a clearly understandable style stripped of all Disney elements. This book should be of immense help to guys who appreaciate the normal common sense approach to seducing women than blindly following dogmas that has a poor success rate.

A big thanks to Sleazy for writing Minimal Game. Your writings in masf and elsewhere, your books and of course Minimal Game has been quite influential in my love life.

Your work really is needed. Seriously, I’ve been dumb and fell victim marketing hype and thought that i had to buy all these thousands of dollars worth of products and trainings to even be around women. I hypnotized myself to act awkward “because i didn’t master their system yet”. I’m 34 and am yet to date women. However, learning the obvious from places like your book Minimal Game points out the truth that we’re all here and most people in the past did NOT buy and master thousands of routines and patterns or whatever.

I’ve got to work on my OCD issues but your book helps me along the way noticing that humans natively know how to function and socialize as long as they pay attention to what’s going on around them. It’s marketing hype that tries to trick people otherwise. Guys don’t hook up with women like romance movies or diamond jewelry commercials want us to believe just like fights don’t happen in real life like they do in action films. However, that’s obvious in figuring that out about combat but not so obvious about women for a lot of guys.

Thanks for reminding us of this.

Minimal Game really succinctly covers the fundamentals of seduction about being an attractive guy, geared more towards guys who just want to bang more girls, as opposed to guys who want to make their entire life about banging girls. I’ve met more than a couple guys who became totally immersed in mainstream PUA community crap, and they do not end up as all-around awesome guys. They end up as creeps, who underperform relative to their looks and occasionally get lucky on sheer numbers.

Reading the book reminded myself of some obvious things, that I learned and forgot in my history of following Sleazy’s writings. I will probably re-read it every time I come back from a hiatus where I have to reboot my sex-life after spending some time in other areas of personal development. I do a similar exercise with Razorjack’s mASF archives, but this is way, way, way more succinct. This is not a book about routines or gimmicks. It’s about how to have the behaviors, fashion, and lifestyle of an attractive guy where women are open to meeting you or even approaching you themselves.

Aaron keeps everything plain and simple. First, he disproves some common harmful ideas guys may have about dating, women, and sex. Some of those ideas are common in society (e.g finding the one) and in the pickup industry (if you don’t have sex you’re a loser, with good game alone you can score hotties, etc). Then he gives you practical advice on what you need to do to become successful. It covers how to maximize your chances before meeting women, how to meet more women, how to find out quickly if she’s interested, how to move things forward, how to overcome common barriers, and relationships. I highly recommend this book. Especially, if you’re someone who is extremely confused and frustrated about all the nonsensical ideas that you had the misfortune of reading.

Minimal Game: The No-Nonsense Guide to Getting Girls is a beginner’s guide for men wishing to learn efficient ways to meet and begin sexual relationships with women. It assumes no prior knowledge of seduction. In fact, it assumes the reader has very little knowledge of many aspects of the social realm, such as basic fashion and common-sense views regarding women and relationships. This is a good thing in my opinion, as many guys who find the seduction community really do have limited knowledge of such things which more socially-savvy people take for granted. This level of hand-holding is often required yet seldom provided.

Minimal Game is written entirely from the perspective of a single man who has had a lot of experience with women. Therefore the book is almost entirely based on observation and the simple rules Sleazy has learned. By only writing about what he has observed, Sleazy avoids indulgences such as attempting to interpret women’s psychology, or trying to explain behaviour of either sex by invoking biological theories or evolutionary psychology. This will be a breath of fresh air for many readers who are used to would-be Charles Darwins offering pages upon pages of conjecture.

Minimal Game is simply the best start-up guide to seduction I have ever read. If I ever have a son, he will one day become the proud recipient of my by-then dusty and tattered copy of Minimal Game.

I found myself nodding in agreement at most of what he says and advocates. I am a big fan of the no frills, keep it simple stupid approach to seduction, and Sleazy does it right. His focus is on building yourself up and developing a solid foundation through baby steps, managed expectations, and experience. How to focus your energy on interested and open women. How to escalate sexual tension, why you need to get sexual as early as possible. All things I agree with.

Written as it is for beginners, Minimal Game is good shit. If I was a newbie, this would be a book I would want handed to me, and even reading it now it helped to refocus some things for me and highlight some things I have lazily gotten away from. Sleazy rightly keeps the scope of his book to foundational stuff, and you won’t have your head swimming with hundreds of steps and lines and routines. He writes it all in simple language with concepts that are easy to grasp, with knowledge you can use right away. I know I’ve said simple and minimal a lot during this review, but really, that’s what his stuff is. And that’s a good thing.

I have been disappointed in just about every seduction book I have ever read. False information, over-complication, and over priced. Sleazy shows us the truth: The seduction process is simple, and natural. He teaches that memorizing elaborate routines, learning magic tricks, stand up comedy routines, or anything else of the sort is not necessary, nor is wearing outlandish jewelry, shirts, or hats. Instead, he does provide relevant, pertinent truths to change men’s limiting beliefs. He also provides simple strategies for average guys to get women. Minimal Game extensively discusses how guys can realistically improve their odds, and tells men how they can maximize their appeal, and how they should go about meeting women; taking their individual strengths, weaknesses, and preferences into account.

The whole book is very practical and gives concrete advice, which is a stark contrast to the available dating literature which all-too often offers little else besides pseudo-explanations based on evolutionary psychology and vague advice. Minimal Game and its treatment of seduction is absolutely not like that. It reminded me of a famous Einstein quote: “Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler.” It is definitely worth buying!