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Sleazy is the master of fast seduction.

Through writing about his sexual adventures candidly on forums and blogs, Aaron Sleazy gained notoriety but also a dedicated group of followers who were eager to learn from him. After numerous requests, he began sharing his insights in interviews and his books. His position is that seduction is mutual, direct, sexual — and not in the least manipulative. The latter led him to become a fierce critic of the commercial seduction industry.

Aaron Sleazy has personally helped hundreds of men to improve their love life, in and outside of relationships. If you don't have much luck with women, you have come to the right place. But even if you are already successful, you will learn how to get similar results in much less time and with much less effort. Getting laid doesn't have to be difficult.

Minimal Game by Aaron Sleazy Debunking the Seduction Community by Aaron Sleazy Sleazy Stories by Aaron Sleazy

Aaron Sleazy has written a number of books. Sleazy Stories is a memoir. It details some of his adventures in the nightlife of London and Berlin. In his second (and free) book Debunking the Seduction Community, he discusses many of the problematic beliefs purported in the seduction industry and gives a concise overview of seduction. His most recent book is Minimal Game, which reveals a simple and highly effective method for success with women.